Songs From the Edge

by Geoffrey Bell



released February 1, 2012

Lyrics and music written and performed by Geoffrey Bell.



all rights reserved


Geoffrey Bell Calgary, Alberta

Geoff writes songs about love and heartache, loyalty and betrayal, ideals and the realities of living. His performances are honest, unpolished and thoughtful.
Geoff's songs cover a range of genres, including solo instrumental tracks, alt.pop songs and electronic soundtracks.
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Track Name: Disbelief
My hand comes up to touch my face in disbelief,
I can't believe the words that you just said.
I see quite clearly there will be no relief,
that what I thought we had is dead.

And all I feel is disbelief,
and all I see is pain.
While others suffer so you get what you want
it happens all over again, (and again, and again.)
Track Name: Single Life
Now I'm living on my own
and I answer just to me,
You used to measure each thing I did
against something I couldn't be.

I do what I please when it pleases me,
want when I'm wanting to.
Don't have to call when I come home late,
never worry 'bout pleasing you.

Give me the Single Life!
I love the Single Life!
It's such a simple life.
Give me the Single Life!
Track Name: Everything is Alright
She makes everything seem better,
she makes everything seem right.
She can take any kind of weather,
she makes everything alright.
Everything is alright.